Sea Salt Rubs

Bring your cooking to life with our sensational sea salt rubs. The robust flavorful combinations of herbs and spices in our blends enhance the flavor of all of your recipes; a new secret weapon in your culinary arsenal that will leave your guests asking for more.


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23011 BBQ & Rotisserie Sea Salt Rub "Gluten-Free"
  • $7.50
23081 Chicken & Poultry Sea Salt Rub "Gluten-Free"
  • $7.50
23041 Fish & Seafood Sea Salt Rub "Gluten-Free"
  • $7.50
23161 Pork & Rib Sea Salt Rub "Gluten-Free"
  • $7.50
23141 Steak & Roast Sea Salt Rub "Gluten-Free"
  • $8.50