About Our Instant Charcuterie Boards

Perfect appetizer spreads, expertly curated. Entertaining is simple with our Instant
Charcuterie Boards. Our selection of oils, mustards, jams, tapenades, bread toppers,
and bruschetta blends are hand selected to create well rounded and superbly balanced
appetizer spreads with little work. Pre-sliced meats and cheeses, like salami, prosciutto,
sopressata, or capicola served with mozzarella, gouda, brie, parmesan, or goat cheese
will pair perfectly with our curated charcuterie selections. Add a loaf of bread and an
entertainment cracker assortment, and serve them on large wooden cutting boards.
You’re only a few steps away from a breathtakingly beautiful gourmet appetizer display -
and you didn’t have to cook a thing. Serves up to 24 guests.  

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